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Brunner & Lay Field Use Policy

Brunner & Lay Field Use policy

• Brunner & Lay Soccer Complex is a Youth Facility only, No Adult play at any time is allowed.
 Pets of any kind are prohibited within the soccer park.
• Warm-up or casual play in the goal Areas at Any time is prohibited.
• Children should not be left unattended.
• No play will be allowed on fields in the event of severe weather or lightning.
• Goal stakes may not be removed from goals at any time.
• Goals, nets, flags and/or benches may not be moved unless approved by the Arkansas Comets Futbol Club.
• Any use of our facility must have prior approval from the Arkansas Comets Futbol Club. 
•  No unscheduled play, free play or non-approved play is permitted
• Please do not Hang on Goals & Field Signs, climb or swing on trees, or participate in any other activities that are destructive toward our facility.